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PEOPLE | Singer Pete Muller Pays Tribute to His Late Mother with Touching New Song 'Alive in Me'

The track is the third single from Pete Muller’s forthcoming album Dissolve, which is due out on May 17

This Mother’s Day, Pete Muller is paying tribute to his late mother with a new song that reminds listeners that loved ones never really leave us.

On Friday, soulful singer-songwriter released “Alive in Me,” and PEOPLE has an exclusive premiere of the music video. The evocative clip was shot by director Chris Morgan in an abandoned estate located in Santa Barbara.

“Alive in Me” is the third single. from Muller’s upcoming album Dissolve, which is due out May 17. The date has particular significance to him — it would have been his mother’s 91st birthday

“My Mom was a large influence on my work ethic, my desire to help others, and my quasi-Buddhist nature. She was the only doctor in a small Brazilian town before she moved to the U.S., met another immigrant (my Dad was Austrian), and had two kids,” he explains. “They were married for 58 years. My Mom practiced medicine in New Jersey well into her 70s. I wrote this song just before she passed last year, and I love that I get to remember her every time I play it.”

Muller recently wrapped a multi-city U.S. tour where he showcased “Alive In Me,” and was deeply touched the reaction it received from audiences everywhere.

“People responded the most to this one,” Muller said of the song. “After the show they would come up to me and share their own stories about losing their parents or their loved ones.”

Though music had always been a part of his life, he enjoyed a lengthy diversion as a successful hedge fund manager, drawing on his mastery of mathematics. Dissolve, his fourth album, finds Muller blending his jazz training with his love of classic songwriting.

Produced by Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated Rob Mathes (Sting, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon), the disc captures the emotional insights and perspective forged by Muller’s journey from the peaks of the financial world to prestigious performance venues like the Montreux Jazz Festival — where he will appear again this summer.

“To dissolve is to live with an open and strong heart,” he says, “to give everything we have while accepting the transience of all things, to let go of things that don’t resonate with our true nature…to embrace as much of reality as we can comprehend, always choosing love over power, and honoring those who have inspired us.”


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