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AC Chart Debut #27*
#3 MOST ADDED at AC Radio!

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Pete Muller is a problem solver. Whether he’s writing songs for his critically acclaimed albums, revolutionizing the way Wall Street works through applied mathematics, or crafting crosswords for the New York Times and Washington Post, the hyper-talented renaissance man always seems to have his eye on unlocking some deeper level of understanding, on reaching some higher plane of enlightenment.


“It’s an essential part of me,” he reflects from his home in Santa Barbara, California. “I’m always trying to drill down to the core of things and figure out how to make them better, how to make myself better. I’m always trying to solve a puzzle.”


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out may 20th
exclusive first listen

release dates:


4.1   gone (audio + official video)

4.29   the other side (audio + official video)

5.20   spaces album

light up the night (focus track + official video)

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album release special

Placement of a 30-minute High Definition Video On Demand Channel on Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand platform for a minimum of 90 days: Pete Muller - Spaces: Album Release Special


12,000 total 30-second promotional cross-channel television commercials to run during the course of the entire campaign on designated cable channels


“Presented by” affiliation and sponsor logo on all Cross-Channel Television Commercials


“Presented by” affiliation and logo in opening and closing credits of the Video-on-Demand asset


Sponsor recognition and brand mentions on social media channels for XFINITY Sessions with “Credit Roll” recognition

upcoming music videos